The World of Dubbed Anime: What, Where, Why, and How to Watch

May 24, 2024

The World of Dubbed Anime: What, Where, and How to Watch

Anime that has English voiceovers is called “dubbed anime.” It lets people who don’t speak Japanese watch cartoons without having to read subtitles. More and more people are watching anime with dubbed versions, which makes it easy for more people to do so. 

Dubbed versions are available on many streaming sites, so people all over the world can watch them. This article will talk about what dubbed anime is, where you can watch it, and the good and bad things about it. You can also ask us anything about the changes between subbed and dubbed anime. Jump in to find out more about dubbed cartoons!

What is a Dubbed Anime?

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When Japanese animation is dubbed, the original sound is changed with an English voiceover. This method lets people who don’t speak Japanese watch cartoons without having to read the subtitles. 

Dubbing includes translating the script, finding voice actors, and timing the new sound with the lip movements of the characters. This way, anime is easier to get and more popular all over the world.

Process of Dubbing:

  • Translation: The source script in Japanese is turned into English. This step is very important for keeping the story’s main idea while making it easy for English-speaking readers to understand.
  • Casting: Voice artists are picked based on how well they sound and behave like the original characters. When actors do the English dub of “Dragon Ball Z,” for example, they work hard to get the same level of feeling and intensity as the originals.
  • Recording: Voice actors record their lines and make sure that their speech fits how the characters’ lips move. It might be hard to do this, especially with action-packed shows like “Sword Art Online” or “Fire Force.”
  • Synchronization: The new sound is in time with the motion. This step is very important for making the watching experience smooth, so it looks like the characters are speaking English naturally.

Dubbed anime includes a wide range of genres and titles. Some popular dubbed anime series include:

  • “Sword Art Online” is a series where players are trapped in a virtual reality game.
  • Dragon Ball Z follows the adventures of Goku and his friends as they protect Earth.
  • “Ghost Stories” is known for its humorous and unconventional English dub.
  • Fairy Tail is a story about a group of wizards who take on various missions.
  • My Hero Academia follows young heroes in training, including the protagonist, Izuku Midoriya.

Many people around the world watch their favorite anime shows in their own language thanks to dubbed anime.

Where Can I Watch Dubbed Anime in English?

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With the rise of streaming services, it’s easier to find anime that has been translated into English. A lot of sites have large collections of dubbed anime for fans who would rather watch without subtitles.

  • Netflix: Netflix has a growing collection of dubbed anime. Popular titles include “Sword Art Online,” “Dragon Ball,” and “My Hero Academia.” Netflix regularly updates its library, adding new series and seasons.
    • Popular dubbed titles: “Sword Art Online,” “Naruto Uzumaki,” and “One Piece.”
    • Subscription: Requires a monthly subscription, offering various plans.
  • Crunchyroll initially focused on subbed anime but has expanded its dubbed offerings. Crunchyroll provides a mix of both dubbed and subbed content.
    • Highlights: “Naruto Uzumaki,” “One Piece,” and “Cardcaptor Sakura.”
    • Subscription: Free with ads or premium for an ad-free experience and additional perks.

Specialized Websites and Apps:

  • Anime Planet: This site offers a filter to find dubbed anime. Users can browse a variety of titles and find recommendations based on their preferences.
    • Features: user reviews, community recommendations, personalized lists.
    • Examples: “Sword Art Online,” “Fairy Tail,” “Dragon Ball Z.”
  • HiDive is another excellent platform for dubbed anime. HiDive provides exclusive titles and a user-friendly interface.
    • Exclusive Titles: “Ghost Stories,” “Philosopher’s Stone.”
    • Subscription: Affordable monthly plans with access to a large library of dubbed and subbed anime.

The right site for you will depend on how you like to watch shows and the series you want to watch. There are many shows to choose from, such as “Naruto Uzumaki,” “Fairy Tail,” and “Dragon Ball Z.” Also, some websites may require you to remember your login information. 

If you ever have problems, make sure you have a way to get back into your account or change your password. This makes sure that the watching experience is smooth and enjoyable.

Why is English Anime Called Dub?

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It’s called “dub” because English words are added over the original Japanese sound track. Dubbing is the process of translating the writing and recording new sounds to match how the characters’ lips move. The word “dub” comes from “dubbing,” which is a popular way for movies and TV shows to adapt content for different languages.

Historical Context:

  • Early Dubbing: Around the middle of the 20th century, Japanese shows like “Astro Boy” were shown to people around the world for the first time with dubbing. This let people who couldn’t understand Japanese watch cartoons.
  • Evolution: Over the years, dubbing techniques have improved significantly, providing better synchronization and more natural-sounding dialogue. This evolution has been crucial in popularizing anime worldwide.

Linguistic Explanation:

  • Translation: The original Japanese dialogue is translated into English. Translators aim to maintain the original story’s essence while making it understandable for English-speaking audiences.
  • Voice Acting: Professional voice actors are hired to perform the new dialogue. They strive to capture the characters’ emotions and personalities, much like their Japanese counterparts.

Dubbing allows fans to enjoy their favorite anime series without needing to read subtitles. It also makes anime more approachable for new viewers who might find subtitles distracting or difficult to follow. Some notable examples of popular dubbed anime include “Dragon Ball Z,” “My Hero Academia,” and “Fairy Tail.”

Is it OK to Watch Anime in Dub?

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Watching anime in dub is perfectly acceptable and a matter of personal preference. Some fans prefer dubbed anime for various reasons, while others stick to the original Japanese audio with subtitles. Each option has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Cultural Considerations:

  • Purist Views: Some anime fans think that watching with subtitles keeps the original voice acting and cultural context. They say that the original audio still has the speaker’s meaning and subtleties.
  • More People Can Watch: Dubbed anime lets more people watch it. People who might have trouble with subtitles, like young children or people who have trouble reading, can still enjoy anime.

Benefits and Drawbacks:

Pros of Watching Dubbed Anime:

  • Accessibility: Watching dubbed anime is easier for people who don’t speak Japanese or have trouble reading subtitles.
  • Convenience: Viewers can do other things while watching because they don’t have to keep their eyes on the screen to follow the conversation.
  • Engagement: Knowing the dialogue by heart makes it easier for some viewers to connect with the story and characters.

Cons of watching dubbed anime:

  • Loss of the Main Tone: It’s possible that the original speech acting will show feelings and subtleties that get lost in translation.
  • Trouble with Translation: The translated script may change the meaning or tone of the original dialogue, which could affect how the viewer feels.
  • Problems with synchronization: It can be hard to match English speech to how the characters move their lips, which can lead to awkward pacing or delivery.
  • “Dragon Ball Z”: Known for its intense action and memorable characters, the English dub has been widely praised.
  • “My Hero Academia” follows young heroes in training, with the English dub capturing the excitement and emotional depth of the series.
  • “Fairy Tail” offers a blend of action, adventure, and friendship, with a well-received English dub.

Finally, watching anime in dub is a choice that only you can make. Whether you like how easy and accessible dubbed anime is or how accurate the original Japanese audio with subtitles is, both have their good points. The important thing is to watch anime shows in a way that you enjoy the most. 

If you like “Dragon Balls,” “My Hero Academia,” or “Fairy Tail,” don’t be afraid to watch them in the way that you enjoy them the most. Don’t forget that the “forgot password” tool can help you quickly get back into your favorite shows if you ever have problems with your streaming service or forget your password.

Is anime better subbed or Dubbed?

The debate over whether anime is better subbed or dubbed is a long-standing one among fans. Each format has its own advantages and drawbacks, and the preference often comes down to personal choice. Understanding the differences can help viewers decide which format best suits their viewing experience.

Comparative Analysis:

Subbed Anime:

  • Authenticity: Subbed anime retains the original Japanese audio, preserving the creator’s intent, cultural nuances, and voice acting performances.
  • Immersion: For many fans, hearing the original voices adds to the immersive experience of the story and world.
  • Language Learning: Watching subbed anime can be an interesting way for non-Japanese speakers to pick up some Japanese phrases and vocabulary.
  • Examples: Series like “Naruto” and “Attack on Titan” are often praised for their original Japanese voice acting.

Dubbed Anime:

  • Accessibility: Dubbed anime makes it easier for viewers who find reading subtitles challenging, such as younger audiences or those with reading difficulties.
  • Convenience: Allows multitasking since viewers don’t have to focus on reading subtitles.
  • Engagement: Some viewers find it easier to connect with the story and characters when they can listen to dialogue in their native language.
  • Examples: “Dragon Ball Z” and “My Hero Academia” have popular English dubs that many fans enjoy.

Viewer Preferences:

Subbed anime fans:

  • Preservation of Original Audio: Fans appreciate the authentic voice acting and cultural context.
  • Nuanced Performances: Original voice actors often provide performances that convey emotions and subtleties better than translations can.
  • Cultural Experience: Watching in the original language provides a more genuine cultural experience.

Dubbed Anime Fans:

  • Ease of Understanding: Viewers can easily follow the story without reading subtitles.
  • Relaxed Viewing: Allows for a more relaxed viewing experience, especially when multitasking.
  • Accessibility for All Ages: Dubbed versions make anime accessible to younger viewers who may struggle with subtitles.

Ultimately, whether anime is better subbed or dubbed depends on individual preferences. Some fans enjoy the authenticity of subs, while others appreciate the accessibility of dubs. Both formats offer unique benefits that cater to different viewing needs.

Key Takeaways

Fans from all over the world can enjoy exploring the world of dubbed anime, which makes it easy for them to do so. When you start watching dubbed anime, here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • What is Dubbed Anime? Dubbed anime features English voiceovers, replacing the original Japanese audio. This makes anime accessible to non-Japanese speakers without the need for subtitles.
  • Where to Watch: Several streaming platforms like Netflix, Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Hulu offer extensive libraries of dubbed anime. Specialized sites like HiDive and Anime-Planet provide additional options.
  • Cultural Significance: Understanding the cultural roots of anime enhances the viewing experience. Both the subbed and dubbed versions offer unique benefits that cater to different preferences.
  • Subbed vs. Dubbed: The choice between subbed and dubbed anime is personal. Subbed anime retains the original audio, while dubbed anime offers ease of understanding and convenience.
  • Popular Series: Iconic dubbed anime series include “Dragon Ball Z,” “My Hero Academia,” “Naruto,” and “Sword Art Online.”

More people can watch anime because it has been dubbed, which makes it more approachable. It doesn’t matter if you like the authenticity of subbed anime or the ease of use of dubbed versions; there are a lot of choices to choose from. Have fun trying out new styles and finding new favorites.


What are some of the best dubbed anime series to watch?

“Dragon Ball Z,” “My Hero Academia,” “Sword Art Online,” “Naruto,” and “Fairy Tail” are highly recommended.

How does dubbing impact the original storyline?

Dubbing aims to stay true to the original plot, but some nuances might change due to translation and localization.

Are there any dubbed anime that are better than the original?

Some fans argue that certain dubs, like “Ghost Stories,” offer a unique and enjoyable experience different from the original.

How can I improve my experience watching dubbed anime?

Choose high-quality dubs from reputable studios and use platforms like Funimation or Netflix for the best experience.

Is there a difference in the quality of dubbing between studios?

Yes, some studios are known for their exceptional dubbing quality, while others may have mixed reviews. Funimation and Netflix are often praised for their dubbing efforts.