Trial of the Amazons: Wonder girl #1: DC Comics Review

Mar 21, 2022

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In my latest review, I talked about Trial of The Amazons #1 and how fantastic this event is! If you missed that review, you can check it out here.

The biggest question that pops up after any first issue of an event gets a positive review is: does the event continue to be good, or does it lose its momentum? Trial of The Amazons: Wonder Girl #1 has the answers you need!

Trial of the Amazons Wonder Girl #1 main cover

DC Comics
Writer and Artist: Joelle Jones
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: Pat Brosseau

Note: This is Part 4 of The Trial of The Amazons event!

Yara Flor: A Needed Perspective

I absolutely ADORE and am in awe of what the magnificent Yara Flor brings to not only this event, but The Amazons as a whole. Yara Flor is younger and thus sees things differently than her older predecessors. She sees the flaws in some of their traditions, and in particular, their gods, and she’s not afraid to say it. It’s great to see this perspective brought to light and done so well!

Additionally, it’s refreshing to see some more background to Yara herself. It helps provide some more clarity on why she thinks the way she does. She isn’t just an angsty young adult trying to start a fight or be controversial. Not only does she have emotional reasons for what she sees and believes, but logical ones as well. Joelle Jones does a great job capturing this background and making sure readers understand why it matters!

More Amazonian Mythology

In Trial of The Amazons: Wonder Girl #1, Joelle Jones also takes great care to add more Amazonian mythology, this time through Yara Flor’s own story. And, guess what? Joelle Jones did the art for this issue too!! My goodness does it shine on these BEAUTIFUL splash pages about this mythology. I LOVE how this new phase of The Amazonians, ever since Nubia and The Amazons ever started, has started this trend of gorgeous splash pages, mythology pages, and so much more. Wonder Woman: Historia is another gorgeous example. We are spoiled right now!!

The Event Continues

One thing I adore about Trial of The Amazons as an event is that no issue is wasted. There aren’t too many tie-ins and every single one has a purpose. Wonder Girl’s first issue in this event is no exception to that. The mystery that started at the end of Trial of The Amazons #1 continues here and it is delightful to get another perspective I personally wasn’t expecting. Wonder Girl fans, this one is for YOU!

An Ending That Had Me Screaming

The ending of this issue had me SCREAMING in both agony and glory. On the one hand, the last page of this issue is positively GORGEOUS, but on the other hand, that cliffhanger right before it?!?! I AM NOT OKAY!!! This event has me in a chokehold and I need to see what’s next! I NEED TO!!!!

Final Thoughts on Trial of the Amazons: wonder girl #1

Joelle Jones is such a gift on this issue, both writing and artistically, and Jordie Bellaire’s colors add that final touch to make everything SHINE. As I said earlier, the stakes are REAL in this event, there are no limits to what can happen, and it’s an event that works! This issue continues the event well while still honoring Yara Flor as a central character. Trial of The Amazons: Wonder Girl #1 is a certified triumph!

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