TV Updates: Supergirl heads to CW, Agent Carter Cancelled, & Marvel’s Most Wanted not Moving Forward

May 13, 2016

This morning brings both good news and bad news for superhero television fans.  Following speculation and rumors of cancellation fans of Kara Danvers and crew can catch a fresh super breath.  As the Greg Berlanti produced show will be moving to the CW and relocating filming to Vancouver Canada joining the Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow.  This was the logical move for CBS as they do share ownership with WB in the CW, and the highest rated and most enjoyable show of the season was the Flash and Supergirl crossover.  Even though technically Supergirl takes place on a different earth in the DC multiverse, fans can expect and anticipate more crossovers now that the shows will be filming in the same location.

haleyIn some sadder news on the Marvel front ABC has decided to cancel Agent Carter and not move forward with their recently rumored Marvel’s Most Wanted.  As if fans of Peggy Carter haven’t had to brunt enough sad news following Captain America Civil War, the cancellation of Agent Carter could not have come at a worse time considering the end of season 2 ended on a major cliffhanger with so many open and interesting plot threads left to explore.  At this point all Agent Carters fans can hope for is a new comic series for the character to pick up the missing pieces.  Marvel’s most wanted was to focus on and edgier more covert ops Shield team that would have featured Mockingbird and Quake leading the team in the vain of Johnathan Hickman’s Secret Warriors comic series from the early 2000’s.

While I hate that Agent Carter won’t be returning and that we will never get to see what Marvel’s Mostmocking Wanted would have been, perhaps this is a blessing in disguise.  Maybe we have had too much of a good thing, I try to  consume as much superhero content as I can and even I have had a hard time keeping up with all these series.  Also considering the ratings struggle and battle for renewal that ABC’s Agents of Shield has faced every year, a new Shield series really didn’t make much financial sense for the network.  As we head to the month of season finales I am just truly grateful for all the great superhero content we have, and thankful ABC has decided to give Agents Shield at least one more season as season four of the series has been confirmed.

(Source: CBR)

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