Undiscovered Country #15 (REVIEW)

Aug 31, 2021


Undiscovered Country #15

The flashbacks throughout Undiscovered Country have definitely added layers to the cast. But, those generally haven’t been the story’s strong suit. That said, the chapter in Ace’s backstory we get in Undiscovered Country #15 was my favorite to this point and could really enhance the story moving forward.

Image Comics
Written by: Scott Snyder & Charles Soule
Art by: Giuseppe Camuncoli & Leonardo Marcello Grassi
Colors by: Matt Wilson
Letters by: Crank!

As one would expect, there are some characters I like more than others. Ace is one I didn’t care too much about, but it seemed like he was someone who could be an interesting wild card alongside Valentina Sandoval. While she’s gotten better as the series has gone on, Ace has left a little to be desired. But now we know there’s a whole lot more to this character.

And while I’ve been a bit apprehensive about this new zone, Possibility, the characters from Undiscovered Country #14 and this issue have been great additions to this story.

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(WARNING: Spoilers for Undiscovered Country #15 ahead.)

Speaking of characters new to Scott Snyder and Charles Soule’s story, the Crossroads Devil is awesome. I would imagine we won’t see him beyond this zone, much like what happened with the good doctor running the show in Unity. But he should give Destiny Man a run for his money. He has to be some serious trouble if he turned so many legendary American characters evil. Or maybe they didn’t need all that much encouragement from the Crossroads Devil?

Score: 8

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