Downton Abbey 2 Respectfully Accepts The Invitation to return to the big screen

By Heather E. Houston

If you live under a rock and don't know, Downton Abbey is a period drama set in the early 1900's with a modern twist.

First airing on ITV and PBS in 2010, it quickly became a global phenomenon lasting 6 series before moving on to its now second film.

The Crawley family is back, but what more could there be after such a royal ending to Downton Abbey 1.

When last we left Downton, Violet Crawley can rest in peace, and services are delightfully no longer required. 

Little is known of Laura Haddock's character, but if the series' history is to be trusted, it's sure to be a delight to those that love period dramas. 

Be ready for more of what you love about Downton Abbey from the juicy gossip to the fabulous costumes and everything in between May 20, 2022!

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Blue Rings

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