We dont' know much about the upcoming Super Mario Movie except the epic cast they've assembled

By Heather E. Houston

Illumination has promised the newest Super Mario Movie will feature the guys getting traversing the world under our feet.

Chris Pratt will star as the main Mario Bro. He's done quite a bit of voice work before, which is always a treat.

Bowser will be played by non other than the legendary Jack Black. Many Mario fans can't wait to see Black go faux dark for this part.

Keegan Michael Key is slated to lend his voice to the project in the character Toad.  Thanks Mario, but your Princess is in another castle.

Our damsel in distress Princess Peach will be played by rising star Anya Taylor-Joy. She has stared in hits such as Split and Glass.

With a cast like this, I can't really see the movie not being at least a great time for your bucks. We hope this film will have the charm and nostalgia of the characters it features.

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