Bob's Burgers is Moving on up to "Flippin' Theaters" in May Brought to you by 20th Century Studios

By Heather E. Houston

Bob's Burgers will mark the second animated film brought to us by 20th Century Studios, the other being the Simpson's Movie in 2007.

Bob and the family are planning a successful summer for the business when a burst pipe puts those plans on hold.

The younger Belchers take it upon themselves to solve the mystery. They find themselves in all kinds of trouble and have to work together to see their diner saved.

Meanwhile, Bob and Linda are just trying to stay afloat.  See what I did there? Never-mind.  Do they even know where their children are?

There are also sure to be several friendly faces along the way such as Teddy and Hugo. Some, not so friendly faces will also appear whether it's local rivalries or whoever has it out for Bob.

Bob's Burgers storms the counter May 27 in theaters near you! So, bring the kids, or don't for the rude humor that is sure to leave your little one with questions.

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