Who? LI WHo!

Jun 16, 2022

With conventions coming back with a vengeance, now’s the time to support your local, independent cons… like LI WHO. “Long Island Who” is an independently run Doctor Who convention in Long Island, created by Ken Deep. I had attended for four years, and I absolutely loved it each time. The congoers are absolutely wonderful, and the guests are always amiable, and willing to talk to you. It’s a smaller convention, with the additions of dinners for particular ticket tiers (for some years, not all). So not only can you meet your favorite actor, but you have a chance of dining with them as well. Every year I have walked away with a big smile on my face, and tons of pictures highlighting the awesomeness that is this convention.

This year, Long Island Who is back with “LIWHO Presents Meglos”. Doctor Who alums you’ll see this year are (so far): Peter Davison, Janet Fielding, Sarah Sutton, Frazer Hines, and Sophie Aldred.

I know I’m looking forward to meeting these lovely individuals!

According to Ken Deep, he has “a half dozen more [guests] to announce over the next few weeks. This year’s attendance will be limited to 500 attendees making it the most up close and personal DW convention.”. This convention is on November 19-20, and general admission tickets are still available at the time of writing.

With this year’s LI WHO being the “most up close and personal” one to date, now’s the time to show your love for your favorite show, and support an incredible, independently run convention. Let’s let our local conventions know we love them, and will support them.

To keep up to date on guests, panels, changes, etc., check out the official site here.


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