So Much Sci-Fi Savagery in “Future Primitive” TPB (Preview)

Feb 9, 2016

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Way back when you may have remembered us reviewing an awesome indie comic from creators Kevin Gunstone and Slobodan Jovanovic, Future Primitive. Chris Pirri reviewed issues 1 an 2 and hasn’t stopped talking about them sense. Future Primitive takes place on an Earth ravaged by time and supernova radiation, sending its inhabitants back to a more savage age. We follow Kulkan, the last warrior king of the Neanderthal “Skybearers,” as he faces a new threat. Its a harrowing, action adventure tale that will leave you on the edge of your seat. And luckily for you Future Primitive can now be in joined in one collection as it has finally been released as a Trade Paperback.

Need more info, here is where you can find and purchase Future Primitive in trade.

Markosia Enterprises are delighted to announce the February print publication of the award-nominated digital series FUTURE PRIMITIVE, with a special limited edition hardback set to debut at this year’s London Super Comic Con.

Created by British writer Kevin Gunstone and Serbian artist Slobodan Jovanovic, FUTURE PRIMITIVE chronicles the epic story of a timeless Earth transformed by supernova radiation; where Kulkan, last warrior king of the Neanderthal ‘Skybearers’, faces the hostile threat of the rampaging Australopith ‘Moon Clan’. A lunar apparition has fuelled the Clan’s bloodlust, but the scientifically advanced Skybearers realize they are witnessing the first signs of the mutating supernova’s resultant shockwave – a devastating force that will one day obliterate the world it transformed…

The FUTURE PRIMITIVE digital first title on Comixology has drawn rave reviews from top websites Geeks with Wives and Comic Crusaders who described it as: “a great comic” and “for the thinkers and students of the unorthodox, there probably isn’t a better title than this to get the brain juices flowing”. Whilst John Higgins, Watchman colorist and the creator of Razorjack, believes that the book “will soon become a classic of its genre.”

Writer, Kevin Gunstone commented on the book’s imminent release saying: “I approached Harry Markos at LSCC with the Future Primitive proposal three years ago, so it’s fitting that the book should receive its print debut there. I feel that Future Primitive is the book I’ve always wanted to write; as it contains the type of ideas and characters that have fascinated me from an early age.”

FUTURE PRIMITIVE is a spectacular, dynamic, and visionary stonepunk adventure that follows Kulkan’s battle to protect his civilization and preserve their ‘Memory of Being’; the sacred cave images that record the Skybearers’ history and myth – and which may provide the first clues to their eventual salvation…

The book is written by former Image and Marvel creator Kevin Gunstone; with art by rising talent Slobodan Jovanovic, colours by Stefan Mrkonjic and Matteo Baldrighi, and lettering and design by Patrick Foster. FUTURE PRIMITIVE is published by Markosia Enterprises and will be offered as a limited edition hardback (and softcover) at LSCC where Gunstone will be signing copies on both days. FUTURE PRIMITIVE is also available through Comixology and other digital outlets.

Twitter: @FPrimitiveComic

Future Primitive TPB
Markosia Enterprises
Written by: Kevin Gunstone
Art by: Slobodan Jovanovic
Release Date: Out Now

Please support indie comics and our friend Kevin Gunstone, go out and grab a copy of Future Primitive you won’t be sorry. We would love to hear what you think of the comic in the comments below. Sound off!


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