Humbl beginnings…Small Is Big again

Jun 1, 2021

Metablox NFT save memories to the blockchain


Everyday we create memories that are attached to places, but how will future generations know what happened to us? 

Metablox is saving our most important memories on the blockchain, and you can own the real world places the memories happened.

Memorial Day 2021. 

We honor those who have fought bravely and gave their lives to defend the freedoms we celebrate and enjoy today. I pause as I think about history and pray for family and friends that have paid the ultimate price of sacrifice. When push comes to shove, communities band together for a common good. Businesses revamped their production lines to help America survive WW I & II. Main Street USA became the spine of the war effort. Thank a veteran. Hug a soldier. 

Due to technological advances, America has turned its back on Main Street. Production has been shifted overseas. Your big chain movie theater has stale popcorn and stadium-style seating. Your $15 ticket is sent back to corporate headquarters in Kansas City or some other fancy establishment. Ask your parents what their first Drive-in movie was. You may learn that “Goonies never die”. You may also learn that your mother held the top spot on the Pac-Man scoreboard for 120 consecutive days. Tales of riding your bike to Top Burger for the best milkshakes, going down to the Liberty Theater to watch a movie, playing Double Dragon in the arcade next door, and landing the 1989 Griffey Jr. Upper Deck card in the same afternoon may be shared. You may even learn that your PaPa and your Grammie held hands in that very theater the summer of their 8th-grade year. Small businesses cultivated those moments.

HUMBL is bringing back your Mom & Pop shops.

Small businesses can establish themselves on a global network while the network itself is coming to form. Where else can you set up your own business while a future player in the technology field is paving the highway for which you will conduct your business? Consider the stay-at-home mother with a passion for cosplay that now has an avenue to deliver their art on a larger scale. HUMBL has taken the convenience of purchasing from your big block stores to supporting quality handmade goods from your neighbor, friend, family, or child’s teacher.  It’s been forgotten that you get what you pay for. I recall the conversation I had with my wife when her dress shoes (from Target) kept falling apart. It took some convincing but now those hand-made shoes on her feet hold up way more and look ten times better. Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. More often than not, small business IS quality.

The transfer of wealth in America was noted by significant players in the financial field. They may have underestimated the extent of their words. Tickeri (a division of HUMBL) is making a name in North America in the entertainment industry. Conventions, concerts, sporting events are being mentioned in the same breath as Tickeri. What happens if the San Diego Comic-Con decides to partner up with a San Diego company (HUMBL) for their ticketing and merchant transactions. HUMBL merchants are growing in numbers daily. Cosplay fans can search for their accessories online on HUMBL merchants. Grab a high-quality cosplay wig from your favorite fictional character/personality.

Supporting the Mom & Pop shops and allowing a single stay-at-home mom to provide for her family in ways never imagined. Buying from a small business has a trickle-down effect that not only emphasizes community growth. Mr. Foote’s vision encourages this specific ideal as evidenced by his inclusion in the United Nations assembly on Encouraging small business growth. 

How about that bait shop in Florida? While I was in Tillamook, Oregon last weekend I searched the keyword “bait” which led me to a small business in Fort Myers, Florida.

What about your local insurance agent? The keyword “insurance” brought me to Longs Peak in Colorado. 

I searched up the keyword “beauty” and this young entrepreneur had the vision to snag a user name that could drive traffic to her business.

The keyword “Midwest” brought me to Midwest Live Edge Rustic Design in Kansas.

Businesses have the opportunity to cement their marketing around a single-word username (for a limited time). A search engine of global proportion could be at your disposal.  This opportunity doesn’t happen very often. The foundation of the American Dream is being recast on the HUMBL network. Your dream is waiting for you. I once read somewhere that to be part of the 1%, you have to do what the other 99% won’t. What better time to establish a small business than now? 

HUMBL’s merchant division allows an individual to find hidden gems that could do any or all the following: fill a single mothers fridge, pay for a child’s tuition, allow a craftsman a new tool, donate to a church-sponsored missionary from across the globe, encourage an individual to establish an entrepreneurial spirit.  A mindset that can create a culture of financial security for generations to come. As of their last audited financial report, HUMBL has generated 30K active users in their first thirty days of operation. Imagine the opportunity for small businesses when the user base grows to 1, 5, 10, or 100 Million? HUMBL has the pleasure of becoming a “wealth creator” and “wealth disrupter” in the same breath. HUMBL small businesses, HUMBL your family, HUMBL your neighbor, Be HUMBL. It’s soon to be worldwide and is already cheaper, more secure, and has faster remittances than PayPal. 

Humbl Beginnings…Attack of the Shorts.

Humbl Beginnings…Bringing the USA up to speed.

Humbl Beginnings…A new breed of CEO.

Humbl Beginnings…Where’s the E?

Humbl Beginnings…Rise of the NFT engine.

Humbl Beginnings…

Humbl is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.


I/we are long in Humbl since November 28, 2020. I will continue to accumulate shares until they up-list to NASDAQ. I am not receiving any compensation at the time of writing this opinion from anyone. I am not a financial advisor and please consult a professional before trading any stocks. This is solely an opinion and should be taken as such. I have downloaded the app and I intend to use it regularly.