Marvel-DC Crossover: John Constantine and …

When the comic book industry started to feel the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, an idea surfaced that all readers can get behind: a Marvel-DC Crossover.

It’s been a while since the two companies joined forces, and it’d probably complicated to do on the business end, but these are unprecedented times. Plus (*SPOILER*) if you read Doomsday Clock you know it’s not farfetched to think a Marvel-DC Crossover event could happen.

Now, Scott Snyder’s proposal of Batman vs. everyone sounds amazing, and Tom Taylor writing and X-Men/Justice League story would be great, but Gail Simone — who started this conversation —Donny Cates and others came up with some great team-ups and 1-on-1 stories. The possibilities are truly endless.

So how about … 

John Constantine and Blade

The Pitch: Both characters work in the supernatural, don’t get enough credit for what they do and don’t typically work with the hero-types from their respective worlds. Constantine and Blade make a perfect match — aside from the fact they’ll probably hate one another. They find themselves working toward the same goal, yet neither feels the other can be trusted.

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Plot: Blade has heard rumblings of a vampire set to join forces with Dracula, one that claims to be even more powerful: The King Of The Vampires. How this individual earned such a title is unknown. But it turns out Blade isn’t the only one hunting this new player. Some half-assed necromancer who goes by the name of John Constantine is trying to hunt down a foe he thought he vanquished years ago.

Setting: Eastern Europe in the Marvel Universe.

Other Characters: In addition to The King Of The Vampires and Dracula, Morbius could make an appearance. Maybe serve as a vampire champion? … Swamp Thing needs to show up at some point, just so he and Blade can bond over their dislike for Constantine. … Wouldn’t mind a Zatanna sighting. Part of me would like to see her as a main part of the story. The series’ writer would have to make sure this doesn’t become too much of a Constantine-Zatanna story.

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Notes: Couldn’t settle on who’d be in charge of this series. … Otto Schmidt came to mind for artist. I think his Constantine would look great. Overall, he fits with the grit of these two characters. At the same time, there’s a level of flash to Blade, which is why I was also apprehensive. … Simon Spurrier is doing well with Constantine in the Sandman Universe, but that could lead to some confusion. … If this crossover was to happen, it might be a good one to give a newer writer and/or artist a chance since these characters have smaller followings than the big-name heroes. … Thought about doing something with Constantine and either Cable or Bishop initially. Couldn’t gain any traction, though.

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