Owlboy Review [Nintendo Switch]

Owlboy Review [Nintendo Switch]

Today we are going to review Owlboy for the Switch, a game by D-Pad Studios. Owlboy is a story-driven flying adventure game featuring gorgeous retro pixel art graphics. Owlboy is a game starring our mute friend Otus. Otus has been struggling to live up to the...
World to the West [Switch Review]

World to the West [Switch Review]

World to the West is a follow-up to the indie hit Teslagrad, a game that sold more than 1.6 million copies. It was developed and published by Rain Games, it first released on the PC, and recently was ported to the Nintendo Switch. For this review, we are reviewing the...

Nine Parchments [Switch Review]

Nine Parchments is a self proclaimed co-operative blast em up utilizing magic mayhem! Nine Parchments was developed and published by Frozenbyte. At it’s core Nine Parchment is reminiscent of your typical 4 player action adventure ALA Gauntlet. The main...
Putty Pals [Switch Review]

Putty Pals [Switch Review]

Today we are going to talk about Putty Pals a co-op game by Harmonium Games. Putty Pals is a game about two blobs who are lost far from home.  Together with a friend you can work on gliding, bouncing, squishing and swinging your way to the end of each level, along the...
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